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Kera Way Consulting guides you on the path to success.

Kera Way Consulting is a management consultancy firm specialised in the pragmatic and result-oriented support of leaders and organisations in the area of growth and fast changes. We believe that successful strategies need to be simple, pragmatic and supported by the people, at every level in the organisation.  This is the Kera WAY. 

You will gain access to our business experience in terms of strategy and communication, competitive brand and business positioning, projects and innovations portfolio management, … We use a full range of skills and tools to drive growth and transformation projects of every size, from starters and SME’s to large corporations engaging always your teams at every level of the organisation.

We have developed a simple Strategic Roadmap in seven steps to guide you and your organisation in your growth and transformation process. Working with Kera Way Consulting, you gain access to 25 years of business experience in FMCG, retail and franchise networks and B2B, acquired among famous companies such as Unilever, Pepsico and bpost. The Team Readiness Scorecard is an online tool that quickly assesses your organisation’s level of readiness. We leverage the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile to map individual and team management competences.

We believe in “open systems”. We have a flexible and open network of partners for marketing services that can be activated to support you if business’s needs have been identified: market surveys, CRM, pricing analysis, logo and other graphic works, set up and management of internet sites and social media, audio-video productions, etc.

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You think the Kera Way model and approach could help you for your growth or change challenges? Please download our corporate presentation to know more about it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel interested.

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Christian du Jardin

Christian du Jardin has 25+ years of experience in senior marketing, sales and communication roles in FMCG, franchise and B2B environment. He has worked for large, global companies such as Unilever, Pepsico and bpost, in Belgium and abroad. At bpost, he was responsible for driving the growth of the business with the top 20,000 SMEs in Belgium.

  • His passion is to unite and develop teams to deliver growth and innovative initiatives.
  • His talent is connecting people and ideas, unlocking their imaginations and making change happen.

He is an accredited trainer for the Team Management Profile model (TMS DI – Margerison McCann).
He is Strategic Consultant, accredited KMO-Portefeuille (DV.S215105) for the activation of subsidies from the Flemish Region.


  • INSEAD – Managing Global Virtual Teams (May 2014)
  • Webcom2.0 Training Program on Social Media (April 2014)
  • TMS DI Accreditation for Team Management Profile (October 2013)
  • Graduate with Honors from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (1985)


  • Integrity, reliability, staying down-to-earth, belief in people, optimism.
  • Christian believes that a team’s diversity in styles and competences is a huge asset to be leveraged.

Projects delivered with Kera Way

  • Set-up and running of the franchise community platform for a fast-growing restaurant chain in Belgium
  • Portfolio screening and identification of significant pockets of growth for a leading player in B2B
  • Management Team screening and development plan identified for a large SME
  • Mentorship of a skilled digital business freelancer leading to new successful market positioning
  • Project management and team coaching of two student crews for the Renault 4L Trophy 2015

Key expertise

  • Competitive brand and business positioning, strategic roadmap
  • Organisation readiness analysis
  • Team alignment towards growth and change initiatives
  • Brand dashboard, innovation process and portfolio, sale funnels
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty programs

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Christian du Jardin
Managing Partner
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