The Kera Way

1. Strategic Roadmap


Kera Way Consulting has developed a simple Strategic Roadmap in seven steps to guide you and your organisation in your growth and transformation process. To build a motivated and driven team, you need to have a clear and compelling vision of where you want them to go, and how you wish to get them there. Too often, growth and transformation strategies are complex and disconnected from the reality of everyday work within the organisation or in the field. We encourage you to remain aware of your environment and to understand how the market is behaving. We help you connect with new trends and with consumer insights. We assist you in clarifying your business strategy in a simple, pragmatic and action-oriented way. We review and upgrade your business processes, key performance indicators and governance to maximise the chances of success.

Kera Way Consulting leverages solid and proven tools to help your team design a simple and successful strategy, such as Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’ or Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne’s ‘The Blue Ocean Strategy’. These methods help us define both a compelling vision for your business and its competitive and sustainable positioning.

Because we are committed to delivering results, our strategy is more than a Powerpoint presentation. We translate ideas into concrete initiatives. We empower your team, boosted by the Team Management Profile exercise to act as change agents and to lead the growth and transformation projects to new milestones and measurable results. We are happy to monitor the project and the team in the long run. We do not believe in Step In / Step Out missions.

2. Team Readiness Scorecard

TRS_surveyThe Team Readiness Scorecard is an online tool that quickly assesses your organisation’s level of readiness. It evaluates the clarity of your teams’ strategy. It checks the level of maturity and agility of the processes at play within your organisation. It determines your employees’ level of satisfaction about job and work environment. It makes our intervention focused and involves all the layers of the organisation, from the very beginning of the project. We believe that this is a key success factor for any ambitious project.

The Team Readiness Scorecard is often the best way to start a growth or transformation project. Via a quick online survey, all layers of the organisation can give their input about the clarity of the business vision and strategy; the maturity of the organisation in terms of processes, roles and responsibilities; the availability of relevant information and critical performance indicators; etc. Everyone is involved from the very start. This allows us to obtain tangible results and feedbacks to engage all employees and teams in the exercise. We build on the team’s strengths and pay attention to zones of weakness, identifying uncertain processes and possible gaps. We highlight the burning platforms and propose to fix them right from the start.

Very quickly, the organisation feels that pragmatic change is taking place. This feeling is another key factor in the success of growth and transformation programs.

3. Team Management Profile

We leverage the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile to map individual and team management preferences. We believe that successful teams display a diversity of styles and mutual respect for all individuals, aligned towards a common and compelling goal. Any growth or transformation project requires dreamers to design the vision and identify new sources of business; developers and organisers to bring an idea into a concrete initiative; and producers and controllers to get the work done within budget and according to plan.


The Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel is a fantastic tool that unlocks a team’s energy and brings it to another level of quality, in terms of execution and pleasure at work. This personal and team-development model is used throughout the world in both public and private sectors. More than one million people have completed the Team Management Profile Questionnaire, in more than 160 countries. Its international success is a testament to its unrivalled acceptance as a major tool for personal, team and organisation development.

Working with teams all over the world, Drs Charles Margerison and Dick McCann recognised that while some teams were highly successful, others, with similar experiences, skills and abilities, failed. After interviewing many managers and teams around the world, they developed two models to describe teamwork. The Types of Work Model defines the nature of work in a team. The four Work Preferences Measures provide a graphic illustration of the key aspects of people’s preferred ways of operation in a work environment. By adding the Model of Work to the Model of People, Margerison and McCann developed the Team Management Wheel to describe people’s preferences for the different Types of Work and the roles they want to play in a team.

Going through this exercise with Kera Way Consulting, each team member receives a personal Team Management Profile, as well as a mapping of the team on the Team Management Wheel, which allows the team to understand its preferences and potential strengths and weaknesses, keeping these in mind so that they can address them urgently and be successful in their growth or transformation project.

® The Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel is a registered trademark, reproduced by kind permission of TMS Development International Ltd, 2015,


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